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Senator Dianne Feinstein Blames the NRA for the Boston Marathon Bombing

by Joel Legnutt, DP staff,

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013,

(WASHINGTON) —Some people are like a dog with a bone when it comes to the issues of the day.  And then there are politicians who put that cliché to shame.   Senator Dianne Feinstein proved this in her remarks to a group of visiting Chicago high school students in her Washington office Monday.  

    Even as more and more details are being revealed about the radical Islamic Boston bombers, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarvaev, such as their ties with radical Islamic clerics, Tamerlan’s time in Russia and with the mysterious man named “Misha” in Dagestan, their training in bomb making, their fundamentalist ties and indoctrination, etc., Feinstein maintains the duo were not acting on behalf of radical Islam, or any religious/jihadist motivation for that matter, but were indeed recruited, trained, and acting on behalf of the National Rifle Association.  Indeed, the NRA.

   When asked by the students her general thoughts on the Tsarnaevs who carried out the Boston bombings on April 15th, Feinstein replied, “All these reports about (Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s) ‘time in Russia’ and being indoctrinated by some mysterious ‘Misha’ are beside the point.  The real point is that we should be appalled that the NRA would go to these lengths to terrorize their fellow Americans.  I mean, recruiting radical Muslims to carry out their attacks on the nation..?  That’s just despicable!”

    Since the mass shooting in Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School last year, Feinstein has become the face of renewed gun control efforts in the U.S.  She has been the driving force behind a Senate bill designed to outlaw numerous assault weapons and establishing universal background checks for gun owners.  California’s senior senator has drawn praise from gun control advocates as well as the ire of Second Amendment advocates, as her push for tighter gun control has stoked emotion and debate (sometimes simultaneously) among true, red-blooded Americans of all political stripes, most notably CNN’s Piers Morgan. 

    But Feinstein’s statements Monday are raising eyebrows from both sides of the gun control debate via her claims the Tsarnaev brothers were actually hired guns (no pun intended) by the National Rifle Association to further kill and terrorize ordinary Americans. “I just can’t believe the NRA would stoop to such levels,” Feinstein commented to the visiting wide-eyed youth,” to recruit Muslim radicals to do their dirty work!  And what for? —to convince more Americans to buy guns to protect themselves against radical Muslims.  This is just a diabolical move by the NRA.”

   “Just wait,” added Feinstein, “before long the NRA will give radical Muslims a bad name!”

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   “Ms. Feinstein is absolutely right,” said 18-year-old Alvin Dorsey, who was part of the school trip from Chicago’s notoriously tranquil Hyde Park Academy High School, itself and its neighborhood never having experienced a single incident of gun violence, let alone gun violence due to illegally owned firearms (i.e. thanks to people like Senator Feinstein).  “The NRA has recruited Muslim terrorists for too long to make murder and chaos in American, and no matter how these (Tsarnaev) brothers came to hate America, it’s obvious that the NRA cooperationated with them and got them to do these bombings.”

    It’s time for the National Rifle Association to admit its part in terrorizing Americans into buying more guns, said Brittney Someequallystupidlastname (it’s Slavic), a fellow senior at Hype Park Academy High School, after her school’s tour of the Capitol and Senate Monday.   The 17-year-old Aluminum Pole Contortion major and mother of two, or three, said Feinstein’s comments struck a nerve in her and should strike “the hearts of everyone who suffers from violence Senator Feinstein’s gun control efforts will not prevent in the least.”

     “I know from living in south Chicago how dangerous legally purchased guns in the hands of law abiding citizens can be,” said Someequallystupidlastname to reporters as she and her class left the Capitol, Monday.   “I’ve heard the leaders of the NRA have converted to Islam in order to make their group look better and all.  But really, that’s nothing compared to the damage they’ve done.  Now this terrorism thing..?  The NRA must be stopped!”

    Added Someequallystupidlastname to reporters, “That’s it, I’ve made up my mind: I’m having another baby when I get home in case I die in another one the NRA’s terrorist attacks.”

    Feinstein took a moment to address reporters as she headed to a meeting of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, saying her belief that the Boston Marathon bombers were acting on orders of the nation’s oldest and largest Second Amendment rights organization were based on “hard and developing evidence.”  Said Sen. Feinstein to the AP after the visiting students left to visit other equally prominent and brilliant national leaders, “The evidence is simply too numerical: we have a shooting (Newtown, Connecticut) that forced Americans to re-examine gun laws and groups like the NRA.  Then we just ‘happen’ to have this bombing in Boston that’s shifted our attention away from Sandy Hook and gun prevention and made Americans not only re-think their opinions of Muslims but also re-think about how important it is to own guns.   We saw this reaction after 9/11…everyone was buying guns to protect themselves against ‘them-there-Muzzies’.”

    Added Feinstein, “But no matter what…no matter how the NRA got the (Tsarnaev) brothers to commit this horrible act, the American people aren’t going to be fooled.  We know the NRA is behind this, and they’re going to be exposed and brought to justice.”

   “Ultimately, it won’t just be the NRA that’s held responsible for Boston,” continued Feinstein.  “We know who else to go ultimately go after: maker of the Prophet Muhammad movie that never was, your ass is grass!”


REPORT: Eighteen-year-old Alvin Dorsey was fatally shot shortly after returning to his Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago, Tuesday morning.  Funeral arrangements have yet to be publicized, but the Rev. Al Sharpton has already called for NRA President David Keene’s arrest.

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