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Jeb Bush Proposes Illegal Aliens Should be Allowed ‘One Free’ DUI Fatality



by Ledge Slater, DP Editor–Enlarged,

Thursday, April 24th, 2014,

(NEW YORK) — Former Florida governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush wasted no time Thursday in stirring more controversy over his stance on illegal immigration reform, suggesting that illegal aliens be allowed to commit one vehicular homicide, particularly while intoxicated, without fear of prosecution or deportation.  Such statements follow a now common pattern in Bush’s pro-amnesty rhetoric, beginning earlier this month when Bush posited many immigrants enter the U.S. illegally “out of love.”

     Bush’s shocking suggestion came during a speech to the group “Citizens for Racial Recklessness”, which is active in addressing criminal activities perceived as more common among particular ethnic groups.   A noticeable hush blanketed the audience as the brother and son of the former Bush presidents explained his reasoning.   “We hear news stories every day, and studies have been done that show that drunk driving and non-drunk driving vehicular fatalities are an issue for undocumented immigrants, more so than in proportion to the rest of the population.  …Therefore, I think it would only be wise to make undocumented residents in the U.S. feel more at home if they were allowed at least one vehicular homicide, if that is indeed a disproportionate part of their culture.”

     The Republican quest to acquire more minority voters, particular America’s fastest growing minority, Hispanics, is hardly a new ambition by the GOP, and has come under fire by its more conservative members who believe their platform should be messaged to all Americans, not splintered to target specific demographics.  Critics of more liberal Republicans also claim their soft stance on illegal immigration is myopic and insulting to Hispanic voters, legal or not, because it assumes illegal immigration is the only issue on which Hispanics base their vote.   Undoubtedly Jeb Bush’s proposal is coming under intense fire for also presuming that drunk driving is unevenly habitual among illegals, and that granting a legal pass on even the worst outcomes of drunk driving is something that would woo Hispanics to vote Republican. 

     “So what now, are we to say that when an illegal gets behind the wheel drunk and wipes out someone’s dad or mom or child that they did that ‘out of love’, too?!” blared radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Thursday.  “You can’t get anymore obscene than what this ‘RINO’ (meaning “Republican In Name Only,” as Limbaugh and others often call more liberal Republicans) Bush, is suggesting!  I guess if I’m robbed by an illegal or an illegal gets into a fight with his wife and kills her that will be forgiven, too!”

     Limbaugh is only part of a growing throng of critics outraged by Jeb Bush’s proposal.  Nonetheless, enraged critics from both parties are not expected to change Bush’s stance on the issue.

     Continued Jeb Bush, Thursday, “Look, America is supposed to be a ‘welcoming’ society.  We’ve welcomed immigrants throughout our history and have allowed them to maintain parts of their culture.  If we’re ever to let undocumented residents know we care, then we need to show that we can accommodate even certain parts of their cultures the rest of us may find uncomfortable.”


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     Bush was unable to finish his pro-DUI fatality argument without some members of his audience getting up to leave in protest.   “My father came to this country illegally in 1981 and he’s never driven drunk in his life.  He doesn’t even drink at all!” said Gloria Cabrera, a member of Citizens for Racial Recklessness to Duh Progressive as she left the conference hall.  “…I understand Jeb Bush wanting to ‘play happy’ to Latino voters. But really, this placating to the worst of stereotypes is despicable. So what if DUIs are more common among undocumented immigrants? –that is not something to excuse, let alone give a ‘free pass’ to.   Oh, mis Dios, what’s next, granting every illegal in this country the right for one free bank robbery or mugging?”

     “Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” commented Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) when asked by the Associated Press what he thought of Mrs. Cabrera’s satirical suggestion.  “We Republicans have to make more strides in including more undocumented minorities in our party.  Not saying that most illegals commit crimes, or drive drunk or dangerously and cause car more accidents, but when they do we have to let them know, you know: ‘Hey, no one’s perfect, it’s okay, maybe you come from countries where driving to work totally shit-faced at 7:00 in the morning is acceptable’ …and we have to be accepting of that in our country’s changing demographics.”

     Like Bush and Sen. Graham, Robert Myers, a criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and head of the group Illegal All the Way, a pro-drunk driving and vehicular homicide organization defending and promoting illegal aliens’ right to kill American citizens with their cars, says the uneven statistics showing intoxication and other reasons that drive up vehicular homicides among illegals are misleading, and intentionally due to racism.   Just as Vice President Joe Biden called people who support tighter voter ID checks have their motives based in “hatred” and “zealotry,” Myers says that even if, statistically speaking, undocumented immigrants have even a one-percent greater chance of being involved in a reckless driving accident (sober or not), mentioning that in any context, for any reason, is shameful and racist, and that Jeb Bush should not consider running for the presidency.

     Said Myers via phone interview with Duh Progressive Thursday, “Look, when we hear about a gang shooting in Chicago, or an illegal dog-fighting ring being busted, or a meth lab being raided in the rural South, we have been conditioned to imagine the perpetrators as being of a certain race.  That is flatly wrong, and Governor Bush knows that.”

     “Fess up and drop out!” added Myers, “Acknowledging stereotypes, no matter how deserved or excused by people like you, Mr. Bush, is unforgiveable and just as bigoted as those who want increased voter ID checks and secured national borders.”


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