"A big steaming pile of NOT FUNNY."

- Lizz Winstead, Air America founder, former Daily Show producer

IT’S OVER (for now)!! ‘‘Duh Progressive’’ Surrenders, Satirical Site On Ice, Suspended!



      Nicholas Taxia, DP Writer & Creator

      Friday, June 5, 2015,

     In January of 2014, "Duh Progressive" said on the One America News Network's "The Daily Ledger" show that 'we will still be around this time next year'.  The good news, for us at least: that came true.  The bad news (or good, depending on your opinion of our site): it has come time to put Duh Progressive on ice indefinitely, beginning today, June the 5th, 2015.

     Adding to the sting of this announcement is that this indefinite suspension comes after what has been the most successful spring in our site’s history.   As with our most popular articles, we have put up numbers this spring rivaling those of any satirical website out there, including the almighty Onion.   Many people have signed up for our e-mail notifications and have “Liked” our page on Facebook over the past two months.   Nevertheless, it is time to move on.

     Duh Progressive greatly appreciates people’s visits to our site throughout the last six years.  Whether you have been fooled, angered, or have rolled over laughing at our snarky, mostly satirical articles, or whether you are a conservative, libertarian, or flaming liberal, we thank you all for your readership and appreciate your visits to our site.

     I had Duh Progressive created in early 2009 to be only a simple hobby; just a casual way to release some stress under the snobby, monotonous, suffocating atmosphere of Washington D.C.   But by late 2010 “Duh” had seemingly grown to take on a life of its own, was turned into an LLC in 2011, and has been my greatest passion since.

     However, as pleasurable as the “Duh Progressive experience” has been (most of the time), outside circumstances have changed in such a way that it has become impossible for me to devote nearly as much time to Duh Progressive as I wish.  And so production of this site must be greatly scaled down.   Duh Progressive may post an article now and then (as in the case with the international coverage of the Baltimore riots, which could not be ignored by anyone with access to the internet), but nothing like before.  I do not know how long this situation may last.   Hopefully it will be as brief as possible.   Duh Progressive will maintain an online presence via Facebook and Twitter.

    Duh Progressive will remain online, but hardly active as itself.  Readers can still skim through previous articles via the “page numbers” at the bottom of the front page, as well as the front pages of the Commentary and True Op-Ed sections (as shown below).



     Again, I thank each and every one of you, political persuasions aside, who have visited this site over the past six years.

     A few years ago a friend of mine who worked for the mega-conservative think tank, the Media Research Center, said to me during a party that Duh Progressive was ‘the site every conservative I know visits but no one wants to admit they do’.   Perhaps if I would have devoted more attention to the latter half of my buddy’s statement I would not be writing this now, as the MRC employee was basically telling me that Duh Progressive was the “guilty pleasure” of the conservatives he knew.   Such an inference, if accurate, I now find amusing, since I never made “Duh” nearly as edgy or raunchy as I wished.  Nevertheless, it has taken many more factors than just my buddy’s implication to bring this adventure to a temporary (fingers crossed!) end.

     It has been a pleasure, a blessing, to try to invoke humor into and extract humor out of events and issues many consider innately humorless; illustrating absurdity via absurdity in our current political and popular culture, as well as writing our occasional True Op-Eds for you.   I have loved serving those who long for an occasional quirky escape from the feverish, hyperbolic “political wars” disguised as dialogue and disagreements our a nation has become marred in, and, to my surprise, have brushed off detractors and hostile critics of Duh Progressive with remarkably unexpected ease.  

     I must also thank those who helped create Duh Progressive and have written for it, helped build it, aided in its technical issues and graphics, and have promoted it online, and in radio and televison throughout the past six years.   My dearest gratitude and warmest wishes go out to them.  Thank you guys and gals who helped make this adventure last as long as it didI love you!

     We / I look forward to the day when this suspension will pass, and regular postings on the site will commence as before, but with much more vigor and frequency (!).  However until that hopeful day, it has come time to say goodbye.   It has come time for “Duh” to take a break and be put on indefinite suspension, "on ice"....or maybe just move to Costa Rica and chill out on a beach with some Mai Tais or something....

     No matter what, take care, everyone.  Thank you!  Thank you all so very, very much for your visits, readership, and to lend a hand in what Duh Progressive was attempting to accomplish  (and still may).

       God bless you all!

       —Nick Taxia

          Writer and Creator,



 P.S.  No one can outrun karma, and I guess I got what I deserved.


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