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McDonald’s To Replace Famous ‘Big Mac’ With World’s First ‘‘1 Calorie’’ Cheeseburger


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(From WIRES)

Thursday, May 11, 2015,

(OAK BROKE, ILL) —The moment so many McDonald’s fast food lovers have been waiting for has arrived, possibly revolutionizing the fast food industry as we know it, and all courtesy of First Lady Michelle Obama and other national health advocates.  

    Responding to growing demands from Mrs. Obama, et al, that McDonald’s add healthier items to their menu, the fast food giant announced Tuesday it will be replacing its famous “Big Mac” with the world’s first “1 Calorie Cheeseburger,” aimed for its more diet-conscious customers.

     The “McOne Cal,” as the burger will be called, sports the exact same ingredients, smell, and taste of McDonald’s to-be-former Big Mac and other cheeseburgers. But like with so many “healthier” items fast food franchises are hurriedly replacing their menus with, there’s a catch: the “McOne Cal” cheeseburger will be only 0.4 inches in size, or approximately 1.016 millimeters in diameter.

    “We’re very proud of our new ‘McOne Cal’ and guarantee it will meet the needs of our more health-driven customers,” stated McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, Tuesday.   Thompson said that the pea-sized cheeseburger will debut on McDonald’s menus next month, undoubtedly filling the needs of those who want that “authentic McDonald’s taste and experience,” yet will not have to worry about their weight or cholesterol.

     The “McOne Cal,” weighing in between .09 —.11 grams, is already being hailed by U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a bold step by the fast food industry to provide Americans with the nutrition they need and the “fast food experience” they desire.   First Lady Michelle Obama was quoted by the AP Tuesday, saying she was thrilled that McDonald’s “was finally taking heed to the demands of fast food-goers” in offering the leanest cheeseburger to date.

     Further thrilling the requests of Obama, Sebillius, and national health advocates, the McOne Cal, if ordered as a “meal” will instead of fries, come with one (a single) sesame seed, and for a drink a 2-ounce paper cup containing an ice cube (yes, one ice cube).   In total, a McOne Cal meal will carry all of 1.001 calories, .0008 grams of sodium, .000076 grams of fat, and .00045 grams of cholesterol, making it the undisputed champion of healthy fast food meals in the world, served to health-starved customers in bags about the size of a golf ball, and all at a cost of only $.05, or $.10 with the sesame seed and ice cube included –finally, a fast food meal that is healthier and cheaper than ever, and which meets the dema…requests of health food advocates like the First Lady.

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     Many McDonald’s patrons on the other hand are expressing frustration at the replacement of the Big Mac with the McOne Cal (or “McOne-Point-Zero-Zero-One-Cal” if ordered as a meal), claiming the “McOne Cal” is not exactly filling as a meal, and will consequently force them to purchase as many as 100-plus “McOne Cals” to make up for the regular Big Mac burgers they are used to.   Said Helen Schuster, a regular lunch hour customer of McDonald’s in Fulton, Missouri, “So what am I supposed to order now in place of my regular Happy Meal -140 ‘McOne Cal’ meals?   That’s ridiculous! And then what, open 140 golf-ball sized bags of pea-sized burgers, and hold them with what? –I can’t even hold them between my fingers! Or will (McDonald’s) provide tweezers?” 

     Conceding the fact that around 140 McOne Cals will equal one what used to be McDonald’s regular Big Mac, McDonald’s spokesperson for the U.S., James Johannesen, said yesterday that customers who order at least fifty $.05 McOne Cal cheeseburgers will receive them in one bag the size of a grapefruit, along with a spoon with which to eat them.   But added Johannesen, the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 demands an extra tax of 15% be added to any order of more than 10 McOne Cals , and a 20% tax for more than 18 McOne Cal meals, resulting in a regular cheeseburger amount of McOne Cals costing 21-percent more, if customers so desire.   In essence, customers ordering McOne Cals equivalent to the amount of a regular McD’s Big Mac will be paying 150% more for them, plus the fact that ordering more than twenty McOne Cal meals will be not come with one sesame seed, but a French fry (yes, one French fry).  

     But that is exactly what is needed in these times of increasing national obesity, according the Department of Health and Human Services, Tuesday.   Stated the HHS in a press release, “Those (McDonald’s) patrons who care about their fat and calorie intake are encouraged to buy one to perhaps eight of the pending ‘McOne Cals,’ but those who choose to purchase more should be aware of the economic and health consequences of eating an ‘unhealthy’ amount of what (McDonald’s) has to offer.”

     Minus what caloric or economic impact buying one, two, or two-hundred McOne Cals may have, there are those still adamantly opposed to McDonald’s “McOne Cal” burger —and they’re not even McDonald’s fans.   New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reacted to the unveiling of McDonald’s 1.016-millimeter-sized cheeseburger virulently Tuesday, declaring it “not enough” in light of the “dismal health statistics of Americans, particularly minorities.”   Stated Bloomberg to Duh Progressive, “After all we have done to make sure our citizens are told what to eat, instead of deciding for themselves, McDonald’s comes out with this facade?   This is nothing more than a way to impede the health of poor communities by forcing them to pay 10-times more for the same heart-clogging meals they paid only three-dollars for before.”

     Bloomberg added that he would press the New York City Council to mandate all McDonald’s in the city not offer the one-calorie/.09 gram cheeseburgers for 5-cents; demanding instead the fast food giant discard all their other burger options in place of a better ½-calorie/.05 gram cheeseburger, costing a whole dollar a piece, and force all New Yorkers to eat at least 50 of them a day.

     “A ‘pea-sized’ cheeseburger for five cents..? That’s just too big of a serving!” Bloomberg said to Duh Progressive reporters Tuesday.   “What New Yorkers need is a grain-sized burger, no more than two millimeters in size, for two dollars, and not be able to order more than fifty at a time. It would improve the health of our residents, as well as soak indigents even more for items they can’t resist at prices they can’t afford, further straddling them to poverty and the comfort of state subsidies…That’s the only way to make sure our people remain healthy, like in Sudan.” 

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