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Dear America,

   Look, this is a very simple equation. There's no big mystery here.  This current Ebola virus outbreak in American and its ravishing of West Africa has been due to one thing and one thing alone.  And we all know, even if we're too scared to admit, what current epidemic of this "African" disease is about and who is behind it.  Because, well, I have just partly stated it —this current outbreak of Ebola is just another one of the Republicans' endless attempts at trying to exterminate or diminish the amount of Black people, around the world but especially in America.

     There you have it, America, straight from me, one of your country's most enlightened and revered representatives, Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas' 18th district.  

      Republicans' attempts at killing Black people can be traced back over 1000 years, and so should be no surprise to us now with this newest and worst of Ebola outbreaks.  It is no secret that the Reagan administration, dominated 100% by white Republicans (or so I think I recall), created AIDS in the 1970s to eradicate Black Americans after slavery ended a hundred years before.  That is indisputable. They did it!  Ronald Reagan and fellow Republicans made AIDS in a secret bunker under the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Richmond, Delaware, to wipe out Black Americans.  And how many Black Americans have HIV-AIDS now compared to non-Black Americans?  A staggering amount, that's how many.  And what are the rates of Ebola among Black people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea compared to the white populations there, huh..?  Yep, that's what I thought!

     When they're not cutting the funding for the Center for Disaster Control (CDC) and other agencies that help fight deadly infections and diseases, Republicans systematically go about creating more afflictionations that affect Black people in America and around the world.  Yes, many times white people and other non-Blacks are affected by them, like that Nina Pham nurse in Dallas that first treated the dying Thomas Eric Duncan from Liberia.  I guess she's what Republicans would call "collateral damage".

    It's an age-old quest by Republicans to not only cut funding to help cure and prevent diseases mainly impacting Black folks, but to create them and aim to kill them.  Example: Circle Celled Anemia? That is a disease afflicting no one else but African-Americans.  And who invented that?  Oh, gee, let's wonder.  REPUBLICANS.  Just more of their efforts to kill us all so we don't head to the polls on Election Day (not to mention that when those of us who do survive the "Circular Cell" disease do make it to the polls they must suffer another type of "disease", the disease of having to present voter identification —not just twice, but all three or four times!  My God, what a degradation, an infection all its own, all thanks to Republicans.


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    Oh, another example: malaria.  Years ago there was no malaria reported in the United States.  But guess when it was reported: when the first European explorers came to the United States, that's when.  Undoubtedly these first Europeans that arrived here 1000 years ago they "discovered" were no doubt Republicans, or at least early Republicans who just didn't know they were Republicans at the time.  But what else do you call people who "just happened to DISCOVER malaria" in the U.S. way back then?  Some will call them "unfortunate settlers" or even "victims" of this nerve-racking disease, but I call them by what they truly were: Republicans.    

    So now where does malaria still run rampant and what people does it mostly affect?  Black Africans!  You see, after slavery, roughly 565 years ago, the GOP knew that Black Africans would be immigrating to America in search of a better life.  So they sent them malaria in blankets, wrapped up in ships as a sign of "good will" towards the Africans they once brought over here by the billions.  So there −viola!− more fewer Africans alive to come join us in our great melting pot of America.  I'm so making sense right now, America, it's not even funny.

     And, if I were to be so forgetful, to not mention the scourge of diseases of the heart, cholesterol, and diabetes, and obscenity (the latter of which the American Medical Association considers a person being 40 pounds over what their height should dictate they weigh).

     Left over from the days of slavery and impoverishment at the hands of Jim Crow (who has never been caught to this day!), Blacks had to eat left over pig fat and other scraps from their masters' (Republicans) tables, who eventually, over time, converted their heart-clogging scraps into the wondrous things we call "fast food" today.   McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Popeye's, etc., just say the franchise's name and behind it I can show you a group of scheming Republicans, all out to kill us through cheap, fatty, processed burgers and french fries, all aimed at not providing busy, hurrying consumers quick fixes for their appetites, but a DIET OF DEATH for African Americans, with their sugary drinks being the icing on top of their coffins, and so DEAD (thus left only to vote one or two more times again).

     Show me Coca-Cola, show me an orange or grape or cherry−flavored Mountain Dew, show me any 8 or 12 ounce bottle of pure sugar with a dash of fruity-flavored carbonated water in them advertised as a "refreshing beverage" and I will show you the corporate culprits behind them and their lobbyists in Congress —Republicans, ALL!  This also duck-tails into the rise of minty, menthol−flavored cigarettes, which so many Black people have become addicted to.  Lord, what more Republican−sponsored examples of diseases and life-ending consumer products need I point out?  Behind every menthol cigarette or sugary soft drink or artery-clogging burger, french fies, or Ebola virus, Secular-Cell-Anemia or Malaria or tuberculosis or HIV-loaded genitalia I give to you a smoky, dim room of white, male, monocle-wearing Republicans behind it, all scheming with cigars in-hand to stem and ultimately end Black Americans' influence in America.   And yes, yes, there are many non-Blacks that suffer from all of these ailments, certainly.  And that's unfortunate, too.  As I said earlier, it's just the GOP's definition of "cohabitating damage".  But in COMPARISON, in comparison, by Lord, the statistics are outstanding and unwavering in their conviction (hence "convict").

     Dear American, Black America especially, but also my fellow Blacks in Africa, is it not abundantly clear who is and has been behind all our diseases, viruses, poor eating habits and sexual behaviors over the last 1700 years?   Can I not state my case any more clearly and concisely?  Look at the evidence, besides my astute standing among Congress and America's leaders.  Evidence besides, is not my natural expertise on these matters not enough to convince you?  If not, I have little hope for African-American survival in the United States.   And my blessing be upon you, you who live during this time of renewed Republican attempts at Black extermination.

     If my endless knowledge and authority on these matters do not persuade you that Republicans are behind all these things, and many more I have not mentioned, then God help our 700-year-old democracy.   I pray we all wake up and vote every Republican we can out of office on November 4th. Thank you and God bless Americana!


         Sheila Jackson Lee,

         Congresswoman, Texas District 18

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