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'Duh Progressive' occasionally runs non-satire, TRUE OP-ED pieces. This is one of them.

A  'Duh  Progressive'  True  Op-Ed


     Dear LGBT Community,

    A block away from where I live there is a bicycle shop.  In its window is a huge “rainbow striped American flag,” alerting all who pass or enter the store that this is not just a bicycle shop, but that it’s a “gay bike shop,” owned by gays.  Why?   Why must they “advertise” they are gay owners of a bicycle store, not just owners of a bicycle store?   That is the type of display of the gay “community” that irks the hell out of me and millions of other Americans.   And unfortunately it is something that so many of the “LGBT community” refuse to understand.

Okay, so the bike shop’s owners are gay.  Good for them.  And guess what: who the hell should care?!  I only care because they advertise it.  They put their sexuality first, in an abstract setting, abstract manner, without provocation, and in which has nothing to do with their business of bicycle sales and repairs.  My eyes roll every time I walk by it.   I do not care they are gay; I care that they care more than I do not.  Uhh, got narcissism?

     There are certain times and events involving a group with which you do not belong and/or identify with that finally causes you to just “lose it,” throw up your hands and declare: “Enough already!” 

    Last week saw the expansion of the federal government’s benefits to gay couples, and last Friday actress Ellen Page announced she was gay at The Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference in Las Vegas.   Page, 26, said she had to come out after years of being “tired of hiding and being scared” to profess her sexuality…in Hollywood. That’s Hollywood, California she’s talking about; not exactly a hotbed of gay-bashing.  

So I believe it is time for me to state plainly: enough is enough.  No, “LGBT community”, I mean it: SHUT UP!   We get it.   You’re gays; homosexuals, lesbians, etc.   Good for you.   Now shut up, stop endlessly complaining or  fawning over yourselves and live your lives like the rest of us (minus the whole sexual practices aspect, of course). 


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With the Baby Boomers and the World War II generation it was Black Americans and Civil Rights, fighting discrimination based on physical characteristics one was born with, not choices in behavior (that is until the Civil Rights movement succeeded…think about it.).   And with Black Americans, the mantra of “we’re oppressed; we’re discriminated against; we’re second-class-citizens; we want equal treament…” grew evermore tiresome as it became apparent by the late 1970s and 80s that the Civil Rights movement succeeded.  They won.  Rightfully, justifiably, the Black Civil Rights movement won (what that victory divulged into sadly since is another topic for another time, but strictly speaking now, they won).

With my generation (Gen X) and Gen Y (Millennials), it is gays, or rather the “LGBT community” who are the poster children for civil rights today.  And the same that happened with Black civil rights are happening with them —they have reached their pinnacle, as Black Americans did legally, have achieved their goals, can proclaim victory, and so can “simmer down now.”

    But instead, gays (at least their activists, who for their own aggrandizement often cause their flocks more harm than good) are entering that culturally dangerous zone where falsely crying discrimination or overplaying its true, sporadic occurrences is counter-productive for them as a whole.

Living in Washington D.C., the “gayest” city in America, I hardly notice gays anymore.  Yes, some of the “flamers” that stand out still irk me.  But mainly, after a few years living here I barely take note of them.  They have become my friends, my neighbors, regular bartenders (that’s the most important kind), and to me and my generation’s more libertarian/live-and-let-live nature I really don’t notice them anymore on a daily basis.   But then there are instances like Ellen Page’s announcement and the whole “Time to Thrive” conference, which remind me: OKAY, we get it!  You exist. ...NOW GET A LIFE!

Gays and lesbians are an acute minority of the U.S. population (about 4% according to Gallup last year), yet you would never get that impression from their representation and all stories gay-related in the mainstream media.   In truth, I have never seen or known of a minority of a society that has come to dominate its popular culture as the “LGBT community.”   They’re sexuality and all things related to it have saturated our culture to the point of suffocation.  Theirs is the most lopsided popular representation in history.   But sorry to say: you, LGBTs, are in fact a smidgeon of the population; always were, are, and will be.  So deal with it.  Enough of trying to pass yourselves off as some sizeable portion of America.

Normally, being a minority shouldn’t automatically make one a despised second-class citizen, an attitude which you will not receive from me, personally…that is until you start making every news story and issue in this country somehow, some way inextricably intertwined with your sexual preferences.   And I and millions upon millions of us are simply tired of it.   Ya’ here me, Ellen Page?   I’m sick of it!   Not one hour –let alone day– of news viewed, TV shows watched, music listened to, or news on the Internet surfed can be achieved without running into some gay–related theme or story.

It’s not that I am sick of “them,” for what good would that do? —homosexuality has been around since the beginning of recorded time.  I believe it to be naturally occurring phenomenon within human existence.  But at some point there are enough stories in the press and cultural references about such a distinct minority that the rest of us reach our breaking point and proclaim: “Enough!”

So ENOUGH, Ellen Page!   ENOUGH, Rosie O’Donnell!   ENOUGH, Dan Savage!   ENOUGH, GLADD!  Enough of throwing your sexuality in 96-percent of the rest of the population’s faces.   Enough of furthering America’s Balkanization; its fracturing into groups that cannot bond and think of themselves as just plain ol’ Americans, not hyphenated Americans.  So you’re gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, whatever. Yahoo!  Good for you! …We. Get. It. ….You got it?  

Now to some of my more conservative readers this may be a little uncomfortable, but I have done things behind closed doors that would make Rome's Caligula wet his toga.  Trust me, I KNOW HOW TO PARTY.   But here’s the thing: I’m not going to have a parade down Main Street celebrating those activities.  I’m not going to start a “civil rights” group dedicated to crying discrimination, even if none exists.   I’m not going to go on television and spout about my private passions and then cry ''oppression'' when people react uncomfortably to them.  I’m not going to ask to be “just treated and viewed equally” while simultaneously declare that I am unique.  And I would never try to coerce people to equate the ideas of mere “tolerance” with deference…or even worship.  It is MY business, and it is private.   End of story!

Dear gay “community”:  WE ARE OVER IT.  We’ve come to a point now where I believe most non-gay Americans are over you.  Now do us a favor and get over yourselves.   …Oh, yeah, you’re special…?  Well guess what? –you’ve been “special” since Mankind stood upright.  So if and when you finally get over yourselves, perhaps that will help the remaining holdouts of those intolerant of you get over you, too.   Think about that for a spell.  I don’t hate you.  I’m not pro-gay; I’m not anti-gay, I am “nothing gay”.  But I am just tired of having the vast minority of sexual preference shoved down my throat at every turn (no pun intended).


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